kemah boardwalk

but first a little background info, trent and i have been living just outside of houston, in a little town called friendswood (cute huh). trent is doing a rotation at one of the big hospital's here, memorial hermann, and loves it by the way. i am working at a dental office and somehow i got lucky enough to work with some of the funnest people i have ever met. the dentist actually has a son that lives in park city and is there as we speak. not fair. we have tried to plan something fun to do every saturday while we are here. so far so good. one weekend we went over to the kemah boardwalk. can i just tell you how much fun it was. the atmosphere was amazing. the rides rocked. and the food was fabulous. we both got a pass that you can ride unlimited all day long. so worth it. we probably rode for 4 hours straight. and i mean there were no lines so we were actually on the rides for 4 straight hours. we had a blast and plan to go back next weekend for the mardi gras boat parade they put on every year. totally recommend the boardwalk if you ever make it over to houston.

the boardwalk bullet. seriously one of THE funnest roller coasters i have EVER been on.
it was right on the coast, almost touching the water. amazing.

didn't make it on the farris wheel. although if you saw the 'little couple' they went on it and it didn't look as fun as the boardwalk bullet. duh.

my face after about the 24th time on the drop zone. seriously. scariest ride ever. think of the ride on top of the stratosphere (same concept here, minus being on top of the stratosphere) and imagine it 100 times more scary. i LOVE the big shot and thought this was pretty weak. not so. you literally think you are going to die since it feels like it will never stop falling while you plumit into the earth. the last time i felt like i was going to die by bringing it on myself was in disney world at blizzard beach on the water slide that is completely vertical and usually results in a huge wedgie and your top coming off. i think i came off the slide and my life flashed before my eyes. i would totally do it again too. anyways..trent thought it was hysterical that as much as i tried not too i peed myself and screamed every single time. totally recommend it.

here is the culprit himself below

a view from the drop zone. before the plumit that is...

loved loved loved the boardwalk.
we still have 6 more weeks here and that leaves 6 more saturdays to fill,
so if you have been to houston and did anything fun let me know!!!



before trent and i headed back to the fabulous 75 degree weather here in texas we had to squeeze in some sledding time. this was madi's 2nd time sledding. the first time she left in tears because oscar "ate" her tube. he gets pretty excited and with all the fun going on around him he put a hole in m's tube. boo oscar. she had a blast though with all her doting aunts and uncles.

she didn't want to leave. it was so warm outside. perfect for sledding

all of us on the sled - plus oscar's head on the right - minus trent taking the pic

oddly m never got tired walking up the snow covered mountain. mybe it had to do with her getting pulled up every time. she loved it though

trent doing some extreme sledding. riding down on your butt just isn't as fun. trent got oscar to ride down on the sled with him. not easily though. wish i got a picture it was hilarious

love this girl.


christmas in utah

we finshed up school in el paso and made our way up to utah for the holidays. trent is done with his classroom portion of school and this spring we are headed to houston and phoenix to finish his 2 interships. this spring we will also find out if he'll get his doctorate or graduate in may with his masters. we are hoping for the docorate. then hopefully we'll make our home in st. george this fall. yeah. all of trent's hard work is finally going to be worth it. i'll tell you what though, if anyone is considering going out of state for school/job do it. best thing we ever did. anyways, december was filled with family, friends, parties - lots of ugly sweater parties- jazz games, and again saying goodbye to everyone once january rolled around. you'd think it would get easier to say goodbye, but it never does.

madi - i swear she was supposed to be mine, but shan got to her first, not cool shan, I lOVE this GIrl!! she's in her rocking chair, drinking hot chocolate and watching the train go round the tree. ah the joy's of being two.

me and 2 of my big sisters - stacie and jamie - love them like they were my own flesh and blood. miss there faces already

wow. speechless. our friend ugly sweater party. the boys looking as hot as ever. jake took ugliest sweater title due mainly to the fact that he wore that thing to work and found himself wearing the same vest as a co-worker. classy. and no you won't see any pics of the girls in their ugly sweaters.

trent upped his game at the family ugly sweater party and won the coveted golden shoe. thanks uncle jason for keeping it in your hutch until next year so we don't have to drive it all over the south western united states this spring!

my kids! the henderson side nieces and nephews. love them all and miss them terribly
two of my favorite girls. they are so girly and need my purple phone, purse and high heeled shoes the moment i walk into the room. they are so sweet. and pretty sassy too.
ah. trent nestling into his white elephant snuggie and a sweet new read. he is super interested in that book and couldn't put it down all night. right. i do have to add, trent gave the snuggie to our prego friend that will put that thing to good use. luckily trent did get a utes snuggie to replace the pink one.

2 more fav's. m and grandma

madi's favorite thing right now is to make papa fly her around the room. she loves that man.
we had an awesome trip and can't wait to finish up internships this spring. YAY!!


Hope everyone had a Great Thanksgiving!
We had a really nice dinner in El Paso with
friends and a super relaxing weekend.
We'll be headed back to Utah for the
Holidays. Then off to Houston and Phoenix
to finish up internships and gradutate in May!
Thanks to Kami and Greg for letting us crash
at your house and taking us in.
We LOVE all our friends in the Pass,
that are basically our family now,
we will miss you all terribly!
We are so Grateful and Blessed for the
opportunity Trent's schooling has given us
to meet so many Amazing Friends and have
so many memorable Experiences!


* alberquerque balloon festival * october 2009 *